My works are personal. An expression of experiencing and feeling. Aiming to understand human experiences. Various techniques and materials support the themes in my paintings and objects.
The works fit in with the “Slow Art” movement, which began in 2008: being willing to engage in a longer contemplation of a work of art – a deceleration in an era that has become very fast indeed.
As an artist, however, I refer to the slow physical process of creating art. This allows me to constantly engage with the ongoing process. I paint and overpaint scenes – I scratch and scrape off colour in some places. The past reveals itself in the form of what had been painted before, now appearing in a new context. The surfaces take on the appearance of something living, almost textile and yet delicate. They are abstract and form a contrast to the figurative when considered in detail or standing alone. They create a place of tranquillity. Creating my works of art is a process which stretches over a longer period of time.
It is confrontational. The artwork and I, too, change in parallel with each other and at the same time it is a struggle for a universal truth.

Die Künstlerin setzt einen inneren Dialog in Szene: Dort das Erlebnis, hier das erinnernde Ich, der Blick zurück, der Erfahrungsvorsprung.”

(NordArt 2021, Justus Ramme 2021)