My works are personal. An expression of experience and feeling. They build on understanding human experience. In the visual arts, I use painting and sculpture as a medium. Techniques and different materials support the themes.

My works fit into the “Slow Art” movement, a form of contemplation that began in 2008. As an artist, I am referring here to the slow production of art, which enables constant engagement in the ongoing process. The techniques of my painting and the production of the sculptures are of high quality and complex. The surfaces have the appearance of a textile structure. I paint and paint over scenes – I scrape off paint. The original sketch changes and reveals itself partially again in the form of what has already been painted. A dynamic that never ceases to amaze me. She is confrontational. And it is also a quest for a universal truth.

The elaborate working techniques require discipline, persistence – and passion.

Ein Quäntchen von der Wahrheit im Bild haben wir vermutlich erfasst, wenn wir auf uns selbst stoßen.

(Wolfgang Nußbaumer M.A. / Lebensklang, Exhibition 2015 / Auszug)